Bigger Hill
My hill is bigger than yours
With all the windows closed
The law ain’t got a grip of me
I’m living free
Even tho I’m home alone
With only closed doors
The infection got a hold of me
That this city can’t see
And every other town around
Is crashing with the speed of sound
One plus one makes two
Well, fuck you
Them crooked vultures keep flying away
Adapting to their prayer
Glassy-eyed and off the beat
If they don’t get their meat
Staring into a bowl of ice
In the reflection I see thousand mice
Come over and release control
I’ve got a bone to pick

Dance to Your Waltz
I wanna dance to your
I wanna dance to your waltz
I wanna crawl under
I wanna crawl under your skin
I wanna dance to your
I wanna dance to your waltz
I want
I wanna crawl
I want
I wanna crawl
Your skin feels like a dream

Puppet on a String
They fooled you
That life is a string
There’s only two ends
And once I can win
Something warm
Waking up
Two sides always seem
Feels like
I’m walking in a dream
Inherent sin
Look back and begin
Puppet, puppet, puppet
Puppet on a string
No end
No beginning

Break Your Skin
Break your skin
In the middle of a dream
Call yourself
It’s time to wake up
Let me in
I can feel the grass grow underneath the bones
Through your skin
Break yourself
Once you’ve done it never do it again
Fight yourself
You’re your own enemy
Acknowledge mind
Stay where you are
Lose yourself to them
And you’ll never see the sun again
Shed your skin